The Importance On Why To Hire A water Damage Professional

Why Is Dry Out Important In Water Damage Restoration?

If your house has been damaged by flooding, plumbing and roof leaks, overflows from sinks and bathtubs, or high humidity from dryer vents, steam cooking, and humidifiers, you need to contact a professional immediately!


But why hire water damage professionals?


Well, the importance of drying equipment is immense when it comes to water damage restoration, and thus, you need professional help. Without the proper knowledge or equipment, you can make matters worse, both in terms of your health and your property. Flooding can severely damage the floors and walls of your house, and quick-drying is the only thing that can reduce structural damage and microbial growth.

How Does Water Cause Damage?

Before diving into the importance of drying equipment or why hiring water damage professionals is essential, let’s look at how water damage occurs. Basically, water will cover the floor and ultimately move up the walls due to the capillary action in porous materials. Drywall is made from an absorbent material containing gypsum and cardboard, which allows the water to “wick” up to 30 inches! However, this damage is not always visible, which explains why you should hire water damage professionals.


Also, mildew and mold populations will invade the space within 24 to 48 hours of water exposure. But the real problem is that they can destroy organic materials like ceiling tiles, wallpaper, wood, cardboard, drywall, plants, food, fabric, carpets, and decaying leaves- spreading from one to the other. Additionally, they are airborne, so they will spread faster than you can think. Inhaling these spores can also cause health complications like nasal and sinus congestions, respiratory issues, hacking or dry cough, skin irritations, eye irritations, aches and pains, nose and throat irritations, and even nervous disorders. A black fungus, Stachybotrys atra, usually grows on cellulose-containing materials such as wood and ceiling tiles after water damage. It can be highly toxic, especially if you have children, pregnant women, or immunocompromised individuals in the house. And the only way to solve this problem is to hire water damage professionals to eliminate moisture using the proper drying equipment.

Why Hire Water Damage Professionals?

If you’re asking ‘why to hire water damage professionals?’, you should know that they have the proper knowledge, equipment, and expertise needed to minimize incurred damage. If you choose to do it on your own, you won’t know how the water can seep into your basement and other parts of your home. Plus, since the damage isn’t always visible, you might miss it unless you are trained in water damage restoration. Unfortunately, if not adequately treated, water damage can wreak absolute havoc. Don’t question why you should hire water damage professionals because they are your best bet at restoring your house.


But if you're still not convinced, here are a few arguments in favor of 'why hire water damage professionals’:

Thorough Inspection

The most important part of water damage restoration is the initial inspection and assessment. Moreover, the importance of drying equipment is enormous, and since the professionals are well-equipped with moisture meters and infrared cameras, they can quickly determine the extent and locations of water damage.

Immediate Action

After water damage, water can seep to other areas, and microbes will also continue to thrive in the moist environment. Thus, it is essential to take action as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Water Extraction & Drying

Water extraction requires professional-grade vacuums and pumps, followed by drying with dehumidifiers and heavy-duty fans, which is crucial for controlling the microbial populations.


Sanitation can be pretty tedious, especially if the water damage is due to unsanitary water. Therefore, you need to sanitize everything from the carpets and furniture to even your clothing and other belongings. Improper sanitation would allow molds and microbes to grow unchecked, thus causing health problems.


After dry out, your home will need some repairs like replacing flooring and drywalls. But if you hire a water restoration company, you won’t have to worry about any of that since they will handle it.

The Importance of Drying Equipment

You might be tempted to save up by not hiring water damage professionals and going for DIY dry outs instead. But beware that dry out is the most critical part of water damage restoration, and the importance of drying equipment is huge. If you hire a professional, as you should, they will use a non-invasive moisture meter or infrared imaging camera to find water in the walls. They will then follow the appropriate drying techniques, depending on whether the walls are insulated or not. And throughout the entire ordeal, they will strictly monitor the system to ensure success, which makes the importance of drying equipment pretty self-evident. And, of course, since you don’t have the necessary equipment or expertise to perform these operations, it’s best to hire water damage professionals.

Get Help Immediately!

If you're experiencing any water damage for whatever reason, stop asking why to hire water damage professionals! Get help from a reliable water restoration company that understands the principles and procedures involved in water damage restoration. So, get in touch with us immediately, and we'll make your property good as new! 



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